Our main goal is to provide the next generation of Pilots, Sim pilots and aviation enthusiast with opportunities than will ASPIRE them to reach for their goals and acheive them. How do we do this? By working together with local schools and flight schools we get ASPIRING aviatiors into intro flights and sim flights. We show them that aviation can be extremely fun no matter the direction you are interested in.

We do hope to be able to at some stage provide full sponsorships to students once funds are available.

Once a year we will be hosting a community flight through South Africa where pilots and sim pilots will fly our simulators to raise money for local charities of their choice.

We will also soon have a C402 available for overnight stays on the vaal rivier. The profits from this will be used to fund the building and improvements of all of our current sim projects.

What do we do?

JNK is an amazing C402 fuselage. JNK is being built up to provide accomodation which in turn will provide the funds needed to build  the cokcpit into a full 402 Sim

Version 1 of our community flight simulator was a general purpose sim and could load multiple types of aircraft......

Version 2 of the community sim will be based inside a king air fuselage and are being built to replicate the real thing.....

ZS - SCF v1


ZS - SCF v2

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